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Accurate Door & Hardware NJ is a family owned and operated company since 1987 centrally located in Totowa, New Jersey.

With a 30,000 sq foot fully-stocked facility, Accurate Door & Hardware is ready to meet your needs! We have the tristate area’s largest inventory, and all in-stock items are available for immediate pickup or 24-48 hour delivery.

Whether you’re looking for hollow metal frames, hollow metal or wood doors, electronic or magnetic locking systems, bathroom accessories and partitions, or contract builder’s hardware, at Accurate Door & Hardware NJ the answer is always “Yes, we have it all!”

We also offer a fully equipped stick shop, expert take-off personnel as well as in-house installation personnel who will finish the job to your complete satisfaction. As experts in our field, we can help you throughout the entire process, from selecting the right product to final installation.

Come visit us today, walk-ins are always welcome!

We know that from time to time you’ll need some help. Whether with an order, an installation or just a question you may have!

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Accurate Door and Hardware NJ

How it all started – The story of Building Accurate Door and Hardware

It all started in 1987, in a small warehouse on Oraton Street in Newark where Rich Cornetto Sr.  decided on the name “Accurate Door & Hardware”, simply to ensure they would be listed in the beginning of the phone book.

In those days, the Cornetto family dinners didn’t end with dessert, but instead with a stack full of advertising, and envelopes that needed to be stuffed. It was around that table that they really learned what it took to build something from the ground up. Meanwhile, Sandra Cornetto managed to raise the 4 children during this time, while doing all of Accurate’s bookkeeping by hand!

In 1990 that hard work enabled them to move into a larger warehouse on Pennington Street in Newark, where Accurate Door slowly took over more and more of the building. Eventually Rich and Sandra Cornetto were able to purchase that building.

By 1995, all 4 of their children were following in their footsteps and working at Accurate full-time, doing any and every job that needed to be done to ensure that they could proudly open their doors the next morning. Rich Sr. instilled in his children a solid work ethic, by teaching them that no job was too small or insignificant to be given effort and attention. Whether that meant sweeping the floors, working the hardware room, or glazing tape on lite kits, they learned humility and respect for every part of the business.

Accurate Door & Hardware stayed in Newark for 17 years where the Cornetto family built the business into what it is today and prepared to grow again.

It was on a cruise all huddled in their parents’ cabin, where they laid out the blueprints for a bigger, better warehouse that would allow the family business to grow. In 2007, Rich and Sandra bought the building in Totowa where Accurate Door resides today. Less than a year later, they weathered the recession with the same commitment to hard work and good service that Accurate Door was always known for.

Rich and Sandra’s 4 children represent the second generation of Accurate Door. They are honored and privileged to continue the vision that their parents laid such a strong foundation for, and thank their vendors, employees and loyal customers sincerely for helping them to uphold the same high standard of business that defines Accurate Door today.

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Accurate Door & Hardware