Choosing the Best Buildings Door for your Commercial Building

For commercial buildings, doors create the first impression that people have of your establishment since it’s the first thing they touch as they enter the building. This is why when designing the building, you need to choose the right door for both the entrances and interior rooms.

Is your commercial building fitted with the right doors?

You need a door that is strong enough to offer protection while at the same time maintaining its aesthetic values. Customers and employees use these doors on a daily basis, meaning they’re an important part of your business.

If you choose the wrong type of door, you’re likely to frustrate some aspects of your business.

Check out this guide for choosing the right commercial buildings door.

Key Variables to Consider When Selecting the Best Door for Your Commercial Building

Here’s what you should think about when choosing the door of your building:

1. Door Construction Material

Commercial doors are made from different materials. Choose a material that is affordable and has low maintenance. Do you know why most commercial buildings don’t use wood for their doors? They warp due to temperature fluctuations and outdoor moisture.

You may consider using fiberglass material since it saves money on repair and replacement cost over the long term. Fiberglass is durable and requires little maintenance. However, it’s expensive.

Is your commercial building a store? A combination of aluminum and glass provide a perfect option for stores entrances. This combination has a sleek and prestigious appearance making them very popular. However, they aren’t fire-rated and they are made from safety glass to avoid injuries when they break.

If you need the highest security level, consider installing steel doors. They are mostly used in warehouses and factories.

For commercial buildings, you should also go for doors that are built to last. These are doors that resistant to bowing, cracking and even rust. They can withstand heavy traffic and weather elements.

You should also go for a door that is easy to repair in case of a dent or scratch. The repair or replacement should be simple and require less time.

How frequently will the door be used? If the door will be used frequently, then you have to choose a door material that requires minimal maintenance, and can withstand the abuse of constant usage. We can help you choose a door that isn’t susceptible to quick wear and tear.

2. Establishment-Type

Your kind of establishment will determine your type of door. A warehouse, for instance, will need a strong door and a sturdy loading dock. The office may require something decorative, and a glass door will be the best option for this.

Doors used in factories need to have hard armor on the lower half. The armor is meant to protect your door when moving equipment.

3. Installation Considerations

When choosing doors for a commercial building, you need to consider installation factors. What is the installation’s time frame? Can you still use your entry during installation? Will the doorway be enlarged to accommodate your installation?

4. Safety and Security

Commercial buildings need doors that are fire-resistant. This doesn’t necessarily mean the doors must be steel since even wooden doors can be fire-rated. Hence, you need to think of a door that is strong and designed with fire resistance.

Fire-resistant doors should offer at least a 20-minute fire rating. A 20-minute fire rating means that the door can handle extreme heat levels for about 20 minutes to allow customers or employees to reach safety. Your building may require by law a higher fire rating- Accurate Door can help you with this.

Have you ever seen a jewelry store with a wooden door? Security is an important issue for commercial buildings since there may be a lot of valuables and other general inventory.

You need a door that is hard to manipulate or break down and gain access to whatever’s inside. For security reasons, some commercial buildings install bulletproof and chemical resistant doors.

5. Aesthetic Considerations

Your commercial doors will impact the impression people have of your business. Exterior doors in particular will impact the curb appeal of the property. Aside from choosing functional doors, you should also consider the aesthetics of the doors.

Some doors are more attractive than others, so you will need to consider the appearance of the various doors when selecting yours.

The Various Types of Commercial Building Doors Available for You to Choose From

What’s the best door for a commercial building? Well, this depends on many factors. Here are some popular options for you to consider:

1. Galvanized Steel

Always ensure your exterior door is made of galvanized steel to protect it from rusting. Have you ever seen a not-so-old commercial building with rusted doorframes? This is an outcome of using cold-rolled steel. Cold-rolled steel isn’t suited for exterior applications.

Not even a coat of paint will prevent rusting of the parts of your exterior doorframes that comes into contact with moisture. Note that there is a high demand for cold-rolled steel then galvanized steel. This is because the openings for interior doors far outnumber exterior openings.

Therefore, you might need to inform your hardware supplier about your galvanized needs on time so that it can be delivered when you need.

2. Glass Doors

Glass doors look fantastic for a commercial building. Some businesses prefer commercial buildings since they look good, and customers can see inside the commercial building. They also make the meeting rooms look bigger. They work so well for conference rooms since they make it clear the room is in use.

However, glass doors can easily break. Since there is traffic in commercial buildings, use glass doors with thicker frames or double glass doors to offer protection against shattering.

If you use a glass door on the front of your commercial building, it’s necessary to ensure the building interiors looks inviting. These doors can also have high maintenance.

3. Wood Doors

They are uncommon in commercial buildings but are still in use. They offer a certain aura of sophistication to a building. They are the best option for buildings that are in secure places but still need privacy.

Find the Right Supplier of Commercial Buildings Door to Meet Your Needs

When searching for a commercial buildings door, you need to find the best supplier who can meet your needs. There are so many suppliers in the market today, but you need to look for an experienced and a trusted door supplier.

Due to high human traffic on commercial buildings, the designs and materials you choose for the door must be selected on the basis of durability, utility, and effectiveness. Price should be the last factor to influence the choice of your commercial door.

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